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 The Croissant 
 That Missed 
 Its Buyer 

Koko King Gh Ltd


Client had ordered 200,000 pieces of unbaked-frozen croissant from Europe to serve a buyer who had requested for daily snacks for a period of time.  Before croissant would arrive, the buyer had unexpected turn of events and had to cancel the order -and indeed they  did. Client tried to find a new buyer but couldn't get any who would buy significant quantity in time, and that led them to Riverblade Creative.


Do an advertising campaign that would create awareness and generate demand for the 200,000 pieces of the frozen croissant within 6 months.


We surveyed the market to know how much croissant competition there is, and also to know the scale of demand for it.  We found that everyday people don't eat croissant much at all; with reasons going from access to price. The regular folks we engaged tended to think croissant is for the rich and upper class so is never on their snack list, and they hardly even come across it at the places they eat or buy snack from. Client's price was not that high and it wasn't low enough for the low income folks either, so the game was cut for the middle and upper class.


In an online and POS campaign, we decided to tell a story about this snack, and tell it in a style that would make the middle class want to have a bite of "this thing they are talking about" and also tell it with punch that would put it on top of the minds of the upper class –who knew it and was already eating it from other places. Additionally we tagged the communications with the price to help reduce hesitation in the mind's of prospective consumers'.

first we told a story about where the  'thing' is from and the fact that it doesn't really matter, it's for everyone so 'just eat it'.

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and we went into the taste to make it extra appealing to the tongue.

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and then we hinted on the healthiness to take away the worries of the health-conscious consumers.

Sliced Beef


The campaign attracted new consumers and the 200,000 pieces of frozen croissant  were  sold in 7 weeks. That is 4 months and 1 week   ahead  of targeted time.